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[What to Expect]

For the Simple Ceremony:

Looking for a simple, pre-written ceremony that "covers all the bases"? A planning meeting is not required. This service is suitable for couples who want something informal but do not want the "courthouse" environment. It can be arranged on very short notice, over the phone and through email. The basic charge is $250 for ceremony of this type. Additional fee for travel may be required.

For those desiring a custom ceremony that is more than the basic “simple wedding", the procedure is typically as follows.

The Initial Meeting:

We will chat, ask and answer a few questions, get to know each other so that we can determine if we "connect".  This can be done in person at a prearranged location or via Zoom.  I typically send a checklist for the couple to review to prepare for the meeting.  This allows us to capture as much information as possible giving us more time during the session to answer questions and fill in details.  As an Officiate, I really enjoy getting to know the couple, their "story", what brought them together and what their hopes are for this union. Using the information gathered from the meeting, I am able to better customize the ceremony to fit the couple and their wishes. We discuss the general types of ceremonies that are commonly used and the various parts of those ceremonies.

After the initial meeting:

You can decide if you wish for me to be your Officiant. There is no charge for the initial meeting should you decide not to select me as your Officiant.

Should you wish to avail yourself of my services,  a  a retainer  of $100 is accepted which is applied to the total cost of the event.  Depending upon the service desired, a second planning session may be necessary.  After which a rough draft of the ceremony is then written.

The Preview Session:

The preview session typically takes place closer to the date of the wedding (2-3 weeks prior) to iron out any last minute changes.  During this session, I read the ceremony to you so that you can hear how it sounds.  And changes can be made as we review the ceremony.

With these planning sessions, rehearsals may not be necessary, however, many couples find it very helpful to go through a rehearsal process. This is strongly suggested with bridal parties of 4 or more attendants.  If you choose, I can attend, provided it is scheduled in advance. An additional fee is required for a rehearsal. It will generally take more time for the rehearsal than for the ceremony itself but if properly run, typically take about 45 minutes. Should you desire a "Day of Coordinator", I am able to provide referrals and input.  Day of Coordinators greatly reduce the stress of the day and allow you to truly enjoy your special day!

Marriage License: You should apply for your marriage license anytime 4-30 days before the ceremony.  Be sure to select your two witnesses, who must 18 years or older.

On the Wedding Day:

Typically I will arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony and coordinate with photographers, singers, readers, DJ’s etc. The Signing can be done at this time as well, immediately following the ceremony or as part of the actual ceremony…. It is up to you, but should be decided in advance.

Once the documents are signed, you will be given a copy as a souvenir and the other copy along with its preaddressed envelope will be filed by myself with the county clerk. 

My Attire: Black robe, dark suit, basic tuxedo or anything to fit in with your themed wedding. (within reason). Special attire (specific tux, theme/vintage costume) may require a rental fee.

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