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My belief... We are ALL creatures of love. As such, we desire and need to show love and, in turn, be loved. This act of Loving and the commitment it brings is viewed in my eyes as a given right for all. I look at myself as a person who helps couples meaningfully express this love and commitment to each other. I also guide and assist them in publicly announcing and celebrating their love and union with family and friends. 


As a legally ordained officiant, I am blessed to be able to celebrate and officiate the legal marriage of any couple who wishes to request my services. Now that the laws have changed this, thankfully, includes same sex couple. The bond between the two individuals is just as real and meaningful to them as the more traditional unions. Therefore, I am equally supportive and enjoy the pleasure of performing marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples.

I have no problem and actually enjoy helping couples that may be of differing ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs or may have other non-conventional factors at play in their wedding celebration. Multi-Cultural and Interfaith requests are welcomed.

These ceremonies, all different but all precious and wonderful are carried out in an open, loving and non-judgmental environment. I am the Celebrant that assists in verbalizing what couples are feeling and the Officiant that is ordained to make it official.

Additionally, if you have a family member or friend that you wish to conduct the ceremony, I can provide a professionally written custom ceremony that they can follow. I can also provide a "training" session to give them guidance in how to perform the ceremony.  Ask for details.

Do you only need someone to solemnize (just sign the licenses) the documents, NO ceremony necessary?  I can provide that service as well.  Just ask me for details.

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